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Obama skips his Auntie Zeituni’s funeral to play golf

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Hey, it’s not every day the guy gets to play golf. Just every other day.

Jason Horowitz, NYT:

After Zeituni Onyango, the woman President Obama once called Auntie, died in a South Boston nursing home this month, her closest relatives gathered her belongings at her nearby apartment. There, framed photographs of her with the president covered the wall…

Mr. Obama helped pay funeral expenses and sent a condolence note, Ms. Onyango’s family members said, but the president did not attend, as he was golfing…

In his memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” he meditated on Auntie Zeituni’s use of the term “getting lost” to describe a family member who had lost touch.

It’s only fitting, then, that this is his final message to her: Get lost.

(Hat tip: Daniel Halper)

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