Socialists glorify abortion with WIRE COAT HANGER display on college lawn

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The Socialist Student Union at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C. set a new low for gauche and tasteless behavior this week by covering the green lawn outside the campus center with wire coat hangers to mock a prior event at the school sponsored by students opposed to abortion.

Back in January, on National Sanctity of Human Life Day, Winthrop’s College Republicans had covered the same plot of land with a vast multitude of flags representing abortions, reports Campus Reform.

Naturally, a bunch of those flags representing aborted babies were either stolen or crushed under unidentified feet.

The Socialist Student Union’s display of wire hangers was designed to promote an event called Abortion 360, which occurred on Tuesday at Winthrop. The Abortion 360 event was so named in response to an anti-abortion film shown by College Republicans named “Abortion 180.”

“In January of 2014, Winthrop College Republicans hosted a four-day event on the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision,” reads a flyer about the pro-abortion event. “Join us for a re-evaluation of abortion in the modern political and social context.”

The coat hanger stunt on the lawn did not turn out to be a hit with a lot of Winthrop students — their views concerning abortion notwithstanding.

“I’m pro-choice and I found the promotion for the event really unappealing and distasteful,” a student who wanted to remain anonymous told Campus Reform.

“It obviously makes their point that it was a direct rebuttal to what we have done,” added Tyler Richardson, president of Winthrop’s College Republicans chapter.

The Abortion 360 event featured Jennifer Disney, a political science professor at Winthrop who also runs the women’s studies program. The point was to “provide a different perspective on reproductive rights and the abortion debate.”

Disney’s 2002 Ph.D. dissertation was called “The Theories and Practices of Women’s Organizing: Marxism, Feminism, Democratization, and Civil Society in Mozambique and Nicaragua.”

The Daily Caller is not making this title up.

Every student who attended the Abortion 360 event racked up a “cultural event credit” from Winthrop, notes Campus Reform.

Student at the public, taxpayer-funded school must collect 20 such credits to graduate.

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