It’s Official: At Dartmouth, The Word ‘Fiesta’ Is Racist And White People Can’t Use It

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Another ridiculous politically-correct brouhaha has broken out at Dartmouth College, America’s most hopelessly and disturbingly fragile Ivy League school.

This time, the fracas is over a fundraiser for cardiac care that the Phi Delta Alpha fraternity and the Alpha Phi sorority had planned to jointly sponsor, reports Campus Reform.

Problems arose because a single student, junior Daniela Hernandez, was offended by the party’s theme of “Phiesta.”

As a result, the soiree, which was scheduled for Saturday, has been canceled by the presidents of the respective Greek organizations.

Had the party happened, it would have included a live band as well as virgin piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris. There would also have been burritos, chips and salsa, and guacamole.

The cash raised at the event would have gone to benefit cardiac treatments.

However, Hernandez’s deep offense about racial insensitivity was enough to call it off.

The self-proclaimed “Mexican-born, United-States-raised, first-generation woman of color” declared in an angry email that “there are various problematic structures and ideologies regarding a Cinco de Mayo-inspired event,” according to Campus Reform.

She decreed her distaste for “the Americanization of Cinco de Mayo and its construction as a drinking holiday in the United States, cultural appropriation and the inappropriate usage of cultural clothing, and the exploitation of groups of people and cultures for the sake of business opportunities”—and, apparently, charity opportunities.

“It was sadly unsurprising that a culturally-themed party was seen as a casual venture for such a privileged institution such as Dartmouth,” Hernandez proclaimed.

Phi Delt president Taylor Catchcart explained why the Greek organizations folded.

“We felt that the possibility of offending even one member of the Dartmouth community was not worth the potential benefits of having the fundraiser,” he said.

This incident is one more in a long of episodes that pretty clear prove that Dartmouth is slowly going insane as an institution.

In February, for example, a lengthy, enigmatic email from an anonymous group of students appeared in students’ inboxes threatening “physical action” if administrators failed to meet a long list of demands. Administrators later caved and met many of those demands. (RELATED: Student terrorists threaten Dartmouth with ‘physical action’ if leftist demands not met)

In January, an assistant history professor at Dartmouth, Russell Rickford, called Martin Luther King, Jr. Day “a tool of the far-right imperialists to appease people.” (RELATED: Dartmouth professor: MLK Day is a far-right imperialist holiday)

Last April, Dartmouth cancelled classes for a day to hold a public forum addressing a small student group’s concerns that the Ivy League school supports social ills such as sexism, racism and capitalism. The aggrieved students had crashed a college recruiting event the previous week as part of their protest. (RELATED: Dartmouth cancels classes after leftists crash recruiting event with litany of absurd complaints)

In January 2013, an unidentified student at the august institution (founded 1769) allegedly walked past two students, made eye contact and spoke a bunch of gibberish that the students perceived as mock Chinese. Dartmouth’s Bias Incident Response Team then sprung into action. However, as far as The Daily Caller knows, that student remains a fugitive. (RELATED: Dartmouth student who spoke ‘mock Chinese’ remains on the lam)

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