Fame-Seeker Rejects Abortion After Feeling Baby Kick

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The aspiring celebrity who said she was getting an abortion to appear on a reality TV show has changed her mind after feeling the baby kick.

In a tearful interview with the UK Mirror, Josie Cunningham — already infamous for getting UK taxpayers to fund her breast enhancement surgery — explained that her initial decision to get an abortion to ensure that she could appear on Big Brother was wrong.

“I just couldn’t do it,” Cunningham cried to the UK publication Friday. “I really thought I would be able to but I couldn’t. I’d felt the baby kick for the first time 24 hours earlier and I couldn’t get that feeling out of my head.”

The 19-weeks pregnant UK woman sparked a slew of social media backlash and a petition last week when she told the Mirror about her plans to terminate the pregnancy so that she could appear on Big Brother and become famous.

Now, however, she is keeping the baby and while she said she is not going to be able to appear on the show, Cunningham said that it will not deter her from seeking fame.

“I will still do it — for me and all three of my children. I have spoken with Big Brother and we have agreed that going on this series is out of the question if I have the baby,” Cunningham told The Mirror.

“But I have four endorsement deals in the pipeline including one for a dating site and there are other TV opportunities coming in too,” she added. “I’ll still do whatever it takes to achieve my goal and being a mum isn’t going to get in my way.”

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