College Students Everywhere Now Want to Make Money Having Sex

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Duke porn star Belle Knox has apparently started a trend among college students to use their bodies for paying off college costs. Co-ed girls are flocking to stripper poles and, more recently, buff males are making extra money by getting in the sheets with wealthy older women.

A male student at Columbia wrote an anonymous tell-all in Columbia’s paper, the Columbia Lion, about his life as a high-paid escort. He detailed the cushy life he enjoys thanks to the wealthy women, including trips to Tuscany, concerts and lavish hotel rooms.

He explained how he rakes in the big bucks with a very simple trick. He wrote, “I’m a Prince Charming … I remind middle-aged women of that popular guy they liked in high school. The trick is to talk them into leaving the lights on [during sex] and then spend the whole time telling them how great they look, even if it isn’t true. That’s how you get big tips and regulars.”

The editor of the Columbia Lion, Sean Augustine-Obi, told the New York Post that this is a common side job for young students looking for a way to pay off debt. Augustine-Obi said, “Plenty of college-aged students look for alternative sources of income, especially with the economic downturn and rising student loan debt. There have even been sites such as Seeking Arrangement that aim to connect these students with wealthier ‘sugar daddies’ and ‘mommies.'”

It looks like a whole new generation of college students have been bred.

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