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Hey, Who Are You Calling A ‘Goat-f**king Idiot’?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Things have to get pretty bad to call a peer a “goat-fucking idiot.” Right?

Well, whatever. Here at The Mirror there are no judgements too miniscule to highlight. And today we latch onto the “Update” at the bottom of The Daily Banter piece written by Tommy Christopher. He turned eyes at Monday’s White House press briefing with his gangster top hat and extremely long and rambling question concerning ABC Jonathan Karl‘s  reporting on a White House email about the whole Benghazi mess that was released due to a FOIA request.

In a post in RCP by Ian Schwartz, he ran a video of the question and White House Press Sec. Jay Carney‘s blatant non-response to his question. But first, he needled him with this headline:  “Watch ‘Reporter’ Tommy Christopher Not Ask Jay Carney A Question And Attack ABC’s Jonathan Karl”  

Later he added, “See if you can find the question in in Mr. Christopher’s soliloquy.”

And the “Update” from Tommy: “See, this is exactly my point. Some idiot at Real Clear Politics declared my question a “personal attack” on Jon Karl. See, “idiot at Real Clear Politics” is a personal attack. Pointing out gross journalistic malfeasance is not. It’s telling that RCP idiot didn’t even try to defend Karl’s conduct, because even for a deranged goat-fucking RCP idiot, that conduct is indefensible.

Asked for comment on the uproar, Schwartz remarked to The Mirror, “From what I can gather from his former employers and this, he seems like a very stable person. Also, what in the world is this thing The Daily Banter?” 

The Mirror also requested comment from Christopher on the whole “goat f**king remark.” If he replies, I’ll report back. Update: He reported back. He wrote by email, “Lol, that’s because he’s a goatfucking idiot. That line was a satirical object lesson in the difference between a personal attack and a substantive critique. Oh, also, it’s a reference to [RedState‘s] Eric Erickson, that’s where I got goatfucker from. He used it on Justice David Souter.”

Note to readers: I opted to put “two goats” in the image search engine as opposed to “too goats fucking.” I’m in a public place. I also don’t really want that image inflicted on my brain. My apologies for not depicting this more accurately.