High School Teacher Suspended For Posting ‘101 Ways To Do Your Mom’ On Class Quote Board

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, America, and The Daily Caller appreciates this country’s teachers for providing a steady, never-ending supply of bawdy news stories. (RELATED: The Daily Caller Presents: The 2014 Teachers Of The Year Dishonorable Mentions)

In the latest ribald incident, a beloved high school teacher in Kansas has been suspended for allowing a particular joke to be posted on his class quote board.

The joke went like this: “101 Ways to do your mom.”

The teacher, Ben Keech, teaches government at Shawnee Mission North High School in the suburbs of Kansas City, according to local NBC affiliate KSHB.

Students love Keech because of his “sarcastic sense of humor.”

“He knows he has seniors,” student Madison McLenon told the station. “It’s government. Not too exciting. And he knows how to get your attention by saying some edgy humor.”

Keech reportedly livened up a classroom full of seniors a few weeks ago with his witticism (which a supportive student noted he has used in the past).

The topic of discussion was obscenity as it is interpreted in the U.S. court system. The context of the joke was that someone at a video store renting the Disney classic “101 Dalmatians” might encounter someone else renting a different movie called “101 Ways To Do Your Mom.”

Keech’s in-class quote board is on a section of his desk. It contains a bunch of quips he and students have uttered.

Only recently, an anonymous person complained about the joke, causing school officials to suspend Keech.

He was removed from his classroom last week and now faces a disciplinary hearing to be held by the local school district.

District officials had no comment on the suspension.

In addition to teaching government courses at Shawnee Mission North, Keech is also the sponsor of a Christian club at the school. He leads a Bible study for students in the club.

Students who support the embattled teacher have taken to Twitter, of course, with the hashtag #freeKeech. There’s also a Facebook drive and a petition imploring the school district to reinstate the popular teacher. There are 750 signatures thus far.

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