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NC Man Fends Off Pistol-Wielding Home Invader With AR-15

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A North Carolina man responded to a pistol round from an intruder with a body shot from his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Jonathan Haith says someone was banging and knocking on his door for 15 minutes while he was asleep Monday morning. The homeowner told WTVD-Raleigh that the person eventually busted down his door and entered his home in Henderson, N.C.

Haith grabbed his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle from under his bed and moved down the hallway, reports WTVD.

As Haith rounded a corner he says he looked up to see the intruder pointing the pistol at him. The intruder fired and missed. Haith fired back with the semi-automatic from a crouched position, hitting the intruder in the stomach and shoulder.

“That was my round,” Haith told WTVD, pointing to the bullet hole in the wall. “Evidently, it went through his body and struck the wall.”

The intruder ran from the home to meet a getaway car.

While the driver moved to pick up the intruder — who had collapsed — Haith called 911. Police arrested both suspects. The gunshot victim is listed in critical condition, according to WTVD, and local authorities have not released details of the case.

On his Facebook page, Haith commented on the incident.

“Best BELIEVE I will be on front pew on Sunday!” he wrote.

Responding to a friend who suggested that he should have fired 30 rounds to protect himself, Haith wrote that he “only needed one well placed”.

“Ammo is too high.”

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