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Barbara Walters Wants Her Google Erased

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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ABC The View‘s Barbara Walters and the gals discussed the pitfalls of Google this morning. Pointedly how people have little privacy in the age of the popular search engine. Walters, who will soon retire, reported that a person can now contact Google and get their search results removed. “They must comply,” she said.

Walters Googled herself and announced the top searches that popped up for her: “My net worth, my daughter, plastic surgery. She’d said she’d like all of those gone. “I’d like a lot of things erased,” she said, touching her hands to her jowls and chin. “I was searched 150 million hits. The Google with my clothes off got 12.” 

Walters asked the ladies which they trusted more between Google and Wikipedia. Whoopi Goldberg piped up, “I don’t trust any of them. I am 86 on Wikipedia.”

Actually, a quick check of Wikipedia has Goldberg at 58, not 86.