Barbara Walters Hints That ABC Approached Monica Lewinsky About Co-Hosting ‘The View’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Has ABC’s “The View” reached out to Monica Lewinsky to offer her a chance to guest host — or, perhaps, even become a permanent co-host?

Barbara Walters cryptically hinted during an appearance on Wednesday’s edition of the “Late Show with David Letterman” that some type of offer was made to Lewinsky, but Bill Clinton’s former paramour has so far turned down whatever was presented.

“Now what about this, would you ever have considered putting her on ‘The View?'” Letterman asked Walters during a conversation about Lewinsky’s trouble career history. 

“I won’t tell you what we have done, but it would have been possible,” Walters responded, carefully selecting her words. “I don’t think that’s what she wanted.”

“Permanently on the ‘The View’ or one day on ‘The View?'” Walters continued, asking Letterman to clarify his question.

“How about a test,” Letterman retorted. “Bring Monica in for a week and just see how it goes. And then maybe you bring her back”

“I can’t talk,” Walters began, before laughing as she tried to figure out what she could reveal. 

“I think it would great if she were on ‘The View,'” Walters went on. “I wouldn’t expect it tomorrow,” she added, seeming to suggest that she or someone else associated with “The View” has had a conversation with Lewinsky about some kind of appearance on the show more substantial than a routine guest spot. 

“Look, maybe she can take my place?” Walters, who is leaving the show for good on Friday, concluded, presumably in jest — but who knows? 

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