Swingers-Only Apartment Complex Opening in New York

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A condo complex in Brooklyn is offering a unique living experience to open-minded New Yorkers. Open Love NYC is opening a 15-bedroom building in Bushwick designed for people who are into open relationships.

“Hacienda Villa” will have rooms from $750-$1500 and are only available for people who are “sex-positive.” Realty agent, and co-founder of Open Love NY, Leon Feingold, told the New York Post, “It’s very important to us that anyone that considers living there is accepting of other people’s lifestyles.”

Mischa Lin, another co-founder of Open Love NY explained, “It’s not a one-size-fits-all relationship style like monogamy, where you get one partner. With polyamory, it’s all about how much you can handle.”

It’s not designed to be all sex, all the time though. Feingold said, “It’s not like a reality show where everyone is hooking up. It’s just going to be home for most of the people.”

One resident Lily explained, “Imagine the show ‘Friends.’ Imagine that vibe but sexy. It was just like that and we were really good friends, but we were all just really attracted to each other.”

Despite how you feel about the concept, $750 is ridiculously cheap rent for a New York apartment. Some people looking for a steal in the rental world might want to consider broadening their love horizons.

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