Mark Cuban Funds Cancer Patient’s Wedding [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Entrepreneur, TV fixture and NBA team owner Mark Cuban made one Texas couple’s dream wedding a possibility after they couldn’t pay for it themselves.

In January, Monica Wilkinson got diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. The money that she and fiance Leroy had saved up for their wedding went entirely into treatment and after reaching out to a number of charities, none of them could seem to help with the financial burden of a wedding, reports WFAA.

Then, out of the blue, they got a phone call. Monica said, “I got a call from his assistant. And she said Mark Cuban was going to help pay for our wedding. And I was completely floored. I thought it was a joke.” The couple was able to wed in April.

Monica said, “Now we actually have those memories that can actually get us through. I can go back and have those pictures now and have a reason to smile. Because I got to feel special and it was all thanks to Mark Cuban.”

Well done Cubes. Well done.

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