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On Wednesday afternoon, The Mirror‘s weekly Twitter show featured Marty Rudolf, the Twitter presence known to a ton of journalists in Washington and New York. He’s an admitted news junkie who also watches politics, wrestling and soap operas. It was anyone’s guess how this thing was going to go since he rarely gives interviews or offers any personal details about himself. But since our exchange was on Twitter, he seemed relatively at ease.

Here’s our conversation.

BR: For context, @Marty2634 is known far and wide among New York and Washington journalists. He’s up on all the news. A real live news junkie.

MR: I try to keep up with the Latest News Stories Online!

BR: At this point you are firmly entrenched in NYC and DC media circles. How do you decide which journos to approach?

MR: I Decide which News Reporters/Coorespondents I enjoy Reading or Watching their Appearance on TV & Send them Tweets.

BR: It’s always interesting timing. I’ll be in the middle of a hellish fight & you’ll write in to say hi, ask me to describe my job.

MR: I try to see both Sides of a Political Issue or Stories in the News so People can Express their True Opinions Online!

BR: You’re unbiased, that’s pretty unusual in this day and age. A coworker wants me to ask, why do you capitalize things at random?

MR: I just like to Empathize Views or Opinions I have on Politics, Sports, TV/Movies, News Media-Journalists, etc.

BR: I think you are a very calming presence online. Everyone knows you and appreciates your gentle, curious demeanor.

MR: Thank you for the Compliments, Betsy!

BR: Are you going to answer my capitalizing question? My newsroom wants to know Why you Do that.

MR: I like to Focus on Certain Opinions/Thoughts on Twitter which I try to Empathize.

BR: I’ve chatted with you on DM as have others. You are real, but people have thought you were a bot. What do you make of that?

MR: I supposed I can Understand Twitter Users coming to that Conclusion, but I’m here to say I’m a Real Person with Opinions!

BR: What do you by day Marty before you go online to talk to all of us? We’ll move on to media stuff next.

MR: I read the Local Newspapers in Chicago/Suburbs & then I Link the Day’s Biggest Political News Stories that People can Read!

BR: Tell me, Marty, are you contemplating a 2016 run for the White House? We can break the news here.

MR: Nope, I have no Intentions of Entering the 2016 Presidential Race but I will Follow the Election via Twitter/Online, etc

BR: Okay so aside from media, wrestling and soap operas, what are some other interests? Do you like to swim?

BR: And P.S. a bonus Q: Do you prefer blonde or brunette journalists?

MR: I would like to see Hillary Clinton Run for President & Become the First Woman as “Commander In Chief, though IN 2016!

BR: Oh, a big @HillaryClinton fan! She should hire you as her Twitter ambassador. What do you think of Bill returning to White House?

MR: I think Bill Clinton would be “The First Husband” if she’s President & he’d give her Good Advice on Domestic/Foreign Policy.

BR: But, more importantly, do you think Bill would behave himself?

MR: I think Bill would be on his Best Behavior, just keep him away from White House Interns if Hillary is President in 2017!

BR: Very good advice, Marty. Please describe your favorite breakfast. What does it entail?

MR: I Don’t eat much of a Breakfast but Have Cheerios, etc.

BR: And then do you go to work? How do you deal with the wind in that part of the country?

MR: I’m a Freelance Writer who works out of the Home. I’m on Twitter very Often to Communicate with People around the World!

BR: Can you share with us a publication you’ve freelanced for? What topics do you like to write about?

MR: I mostly write for local Papers, Magazines from time to time & I like Writing about Politics & Current Events in the News.

BR: So who are your favorite journalists of the moment? What’s a must read for you on a daily basis?

MR: I like to Read: Politico, Washington Post, “Daily Caller/”Huffington Post Stories/Blogs from Celebs”. I like Ron Fournier!

BR: Wow, you like @RonFournier. Do you like his Tweets? He often ends up in my 5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week.

Marty_002_400x400MR: I also like John Dickerson-CBS Pol Director & Columnist at Slate Magazine Online. I talk to Washington Journalists-Twitter.

BR: Yes, I Enjoy having Conversations with National Journal’s Ron Fournier on Politics & the Media, Current Events in the News.

BR: Alright….so which TV journos do you find beautiful?

MR: You mean Blondes or Brunettes? Fox News Channel has Lovely Woman TV Journalists Female Reporters.

BR: Yeah, ok. Blondes or Brunettes? Which do you prefer?

MR: I’m Shy when it comes to Meeting Women/Dating but it wouldn’t matter if she’s Blonde or Brunette if she’s Sweet/Interesting.

BR: Oh wow, that’s sweet. That’s pretty astute for a man, Marty.

mirror-logoMR: That’s how I feel.

BR: I understand. I feel like we need a Part II. Would you come back on #LinesOffTheMirror another day?

MR: I can do that if you want!

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