NIGHTMARE AVERTED As Fast-Acting Friends Rescue Abducted Baby

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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Quebec police’s Facebook posts about baby Victoria’s abduction from a Canadian hospital ultimately led to the newborn’s speedy reunion with her parents, CNN reports.

A woman disguised in a nurse’s uniform convinced Victoria’s family that she was taking their daughter for routine tests. The woman then walked out of the hospital door and drove away with the baby girl.

Mom and Baby Victoria Reunited

Mom and Baby Victoria Reunited (Screenshot: CNN)

After speaking with Victoria’s distraught parents, the Quebec police released an Amber Alert about the kidnapping on Facebook, and the post luckily reached the right people. Charlène Plante, who was browsing the social media site with her friends, read the description of the 21-year-old kidnapper and recognized the woman as her former neighbor. Plante and her friends then hopped in a car and drove to the woman’s apartment. Realizing she was home, they called the police.

Baby Victoria's Rescuers Keep Updated Social Media

Baby Victoria’s Rescuers Keep Updated Social Media (Screenshot: CNN)

The police quickly arrived at the apartment to arrest the woman and return baby Victoria to her family. Victoria’s mother Mélissa McMahon was overjoyed and attributed her newborn’s rescue to the power of social media. McMahon later shared her own Facebook post, describing the site as “the only reason that explains why Victoria is in my arms at this time.”

Despite her relief, McMahon acknowledged that her daughter’s kidnapping revealed the danger of blindly trusting people in professional uniforms. Victoria’s abduction also has raised concerns about hospital security.

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