Restaurant Is Robbed On Same Day It Adopts Anti-Gun Policy

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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On the same day that Sonic, an Oklahoma City-based fast food chain, issued a statement against customers carrying guns at their restaurants, an employee at the company’s Topeka, Kan. store was robbed.

According to Topeka police, two males robbed a carhop on Friday afternoon, reports the Topeka Capitol-Journal. Sonic is unique among major fast food eateries in that it provides customers the option of having carhops bring orders to their vehicle.

While police said no guns were displayed by the robbers, the crime follows a new policy that the Oklahoma City-based company issued Friday.

“We’ve considered the views and desires of our customers and employees that staff the drive-ins across the country,” the company said, according to USA Today. “Accordingly, we’re asking that customers refrain from bringing guns onto our patios or into our indoor dining areas. With respect to the storage of guns in vehicles, we ask that our customers continue to honor local laws.”

Several other restaurants have announced recent changes to their policies on having guns in their restaurants.

Also on Friday, Chili’s, a casual dining eatery, said that it would be encouraging customers to refrain from bringing firearms into their restaurants.

In a statement, also reported by USA Today, a Chili’s spokeswoman justified the policy change saying that the company’s restaurants sell alcohol.

Sonic does not.

Two other restaurants, Chipotle and Jack in the Box, have also recently made statements asking gun owners to leave their firearms outside of their facilities.

The group Moms Demand Action, which advocates gun control, has put pressure on Sonic, Chili’s, and Chipotle to change their gun policies. Pro-gun groups such as Open Carry Texas have joined the debate as well, holding open-carry demonstrations in which supporters carry guns — in some cases rifles and shotguns — into the stores.

Sonic did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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