Two Policemen Shoot Family Pet SEVEN Times

Chuck Ross | Reporter

A Round Rock, Tex. homeowner is upset after two police officers fired a total of seven times, killing an 8 year-old dog they said was behaving aggressively, reports KVUE.

Worse, says Hope Lane, the owner of the dog, which is named Bullet, the officers cleaned up the scene and removed the dead pet before she got home.

The incident occurred on Friday.

The two officers were responding to a call from a security company which had notified police that the house’s alarm system had been triggered.

The alarm was sounding because a door at the house had been blown open by the wind after the Lane family’s young granddaughter had failed to shut it all the way before heading to school.

When they entered the house, the officers issued verbal warnings, police said.

The officers came upon Bullet, an 8 year-old 120-pound Rottweiler. Lane said Bullett had hip dysplasia and was not an aggressive animal. But the officers said that Bullet had made threatening actions in a report after the incident.

One officer fired a single shot and another fired six times, killing Lane’s pet, who she said she considered “a son.” Police then removed Bullet and cleaned up blood from the shooting.

That was especially upsetting for Lane, who said her husband gave her the dog eight years ago around Valentine’s Day.

“I thought my dog would still be there, I may have wanted to bury my dog in my backyard. Who told you to take my dog away?” Lane asked, according to KVUE.

“That tells me something is not right. Whatever’s not right, I can’t speculate what’s not right, but something is truly not right,” said Lane.

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