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Life wisdom from an online editor 

“It’s generally helpful when you want to gain sympathy and support from the broader American public to avoid being a total weirdo.”  — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green.

Self-appointed media observer: CNN has a thing for Brits 

@CNN sure loves to have Brits telling us our news here in the US – listening to this new late-night show – someone has a hard-on for them.” — Howard Stern Show contributor Joey Boots.

Love, men and money

“Men are like trains: you may realize too late that inside the one you chose is a crazy guy who wants money.” — Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.

TV journo sends personalized note to himself 

“So I just sent myself and e-mail reminder, and I wrote my name at the end. Like ‘thanks, Stephen.’ Wish I hadn’t done that, worried.” — WJLA’s Stephen Tschida in a May tweet.

Journo dreams of working alongside Michelle Obama

“Main reason I would love the Obamas to move to NYC after office is my dream of ending up on the same @foodcoop work shift as Michelle.” — TIME columnist James Poniewozik.

Singing in the Politico newsroom? 

“Sources say I’m driving my coworkers nuts by singing Blake Sheldon’s ‘Boys Round Here.'” — Politico‘s Byron Tau.

A plea for Twitter followers 

“#helpgetkellyto1800followers” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.


A plight for more stories on Miley’s car 

“Need more exhaustive reporting on Miley Cyrus’ Maserati.” — Politico‘s Ben White, obviously a huge Miley Cyrus fan. (Thieves stole Miley’s car last week in a spree in which they broke into her home. They also took jewelry.)