Gym Teacher Who Banged High School Wrestler Busted After Jealousy Over His PROM DATE

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Hey kids! If you are a male high school student, it may sound pretty cool to bang your married, 39-year-old female gym teacher. But here’s a good reason to think twice: She could end up flying into a jealous rage when you ask some girl your own age to the prom.

Such was the fate of an unidentified student at Grover Cleveland High School in the New York City borough of Queens, reports local television station WPIX.

The gym teacher, Joy Morsi, faces 41 criminal counts for repeatedly having sex with her young paramour. The affair started when the teen, a high school wrestler, was 16 and lasted for a year.

Morsi also scored with a second, also-unidentified underage student at some point, according to the New York Daily News. Additional charges are likely in the works as a result.

The relationship between Morsi and the grappler took a romantic turn after she agreed to help him shed weight. Prosecutors say she emailed the student, asking if he was a virgin. She also sent bawdy selfies — nearly a requirement for teacher-student sex trysts these days.

In June 2013, according to the Daily News, Morsi seduced the student into a “secluded closet” in the gym where the pair got busy. Over the next six weeks, the lovers had a couple dozen or so more shagging sessions in various locales, including Morsi’s vehicle.

The rendezvous continued with various frequency for about a year. At some point, the student turned 17, after which point Morsi’s further actions became legal under New York law.

Things turned sour for the student a couple weeks ago, though, when he asked a girl who was not the 39-year-old teacher to the prom. When Morsi reacted jealously, the kid spilled the beans, prosecutors said.

Students at Grover Cleveland High weren’t surprised when Morsi got arrested.

“They would always be together around the school,” freshman Josie Gonzalez told the Daily News.

“It’s not like they were sexual and touched each other, but they used to hug and stuff in the halls all the time,” recalled senior Bianca Racz.

Morsi, who makes $79,531 annually, is now suspended from her teaching job.

The gym teacher faces up to four years in prison if she is convicted.

Morsi’s husband, Hany Morsi, who is a science teacher at Grover Cleveland High, showed up at her arraignment but left the courtroom by himself.

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