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Senate Dems on Bergdahl: Um, Er, Uh… No Comment

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Has a phony Obama administration narrative ever been torn apart as quickly as the one they’ve tried to spin around the Bergdahl/Taliban swap?

The same people who mockingly blurt “BENGHAZI!!!” whenever the topic is breached are now scolding us for “wanting to leave a man behind.” Don’t listen to the troops, they say, or else you don’t support the troops. Unfortunately for them, their elected representatives are showing more common sense. And clamming up.

John McCormack and Michael Warren, Weekly Standard:

On Sunday, Senator Claire McCaskill gave a full-throated defense of the president’s decision to release five Taliban commanders from the Guantanamo prison in exchange for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. “We saved this man’s life. The commander-in-chief acted within his constitutional authority, which he should have done,” McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “I’m very proud that we have no POWs left in Afghanistan and the president should be proud of it also.”

But following multiple reports that Bergdahl deserted his post and soldiers died searching for him, McCaskill will no longer say she still supports the deal she was “very proud” of just 48 hours ago. “I’m not going to comment until I look at the brief,” an annoyed McCaskill told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “I’m not going to comment until I look at the brief,” she repeated, referring to a classified briefing senators will receive tomorrow.

Well, how about that. McCaskill’s opinion seems to be changing as she learns more facts. She gets to do that, you see, because she’s a Democrat.

Others suddenly reserving their “judgment” on Bergdahl include: Dick Durbin, Joe Manchin, Bernie Sanders, Pat Leahy, Jon Tester, Carl Levin, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Richard Blumenthal, Amy Klobuchar, Chris Coons, and Mark Begich. In fact, the only senator who’s still cheering the deal is Crazy Old Man Harry Reid, who said: “I’m glad to get rid of these five people.” That’s an actual quote. He said that out loud, in front of people he knew were writing down his words.

Way to go, King Barry the First.

Update: “Why Are We Releasing Terrorists Who Kill Girls Because They Go To School?” Because shut up, teabagger.


The White House: “We didn’t know that they were going to ‘Swiftboat’ Bergdahl.” Swiftboating: the process by which United States veterans make problems for liberals by telling the truth.

Bergdahl looks pretty healthy to me. I wonder what the “unique and exigent circumstances” were that demanded we trade this America-hating defector for a bunch of bloodthirsty murderers?

Update: Want to support our troops the way the Obama administration does? Tell ’em to “suck it up and salute.”


Update: I guess this is supposed to be a big deal now? True, they should’ve amended their statements supporting the Bergdahl/Taliban swap, instead of deleting them. It’s okay to change your mind once you have more facts. Just ask Claire.

Update: Chris Hayes stinks.


Update: According to State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, Bergdahl was “detained while in combat.” After leaving behind his weapon. Perhaps it was a battle of wits?