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PA 1st-Grader Accidentally Brings Toy Gun To School, Turns It In, Gets Suspended

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Another day, another cowardly school administrator punishing kids for being kids and then hiding behind a “zero-tolerance” policy.

WTAE, Pittsburgh:

First-grader Darin Simak is a little shy, a little upset and a little confused about why he can’t go back to Martin Elementary in New Kensington, but he knows it’s the result of him bringing a toy gun to school in his backpack Wednesday.

“I’m not a’sposedta have this.” Wow, what a hardened criminal.

I hope young Darin has learned his lesson: If you do something you know you’re not supposed to do, even if it’s an accident, don’t tell anybody or you’ll get in trouble. That’s exactly the message we should be teaching children.

Oh, and guns are intrinsically evil, even when they’re made of plastic. Or a Pop Tart. Or your thumb and forefinger.

(Hat tip: Dave Urbanski)

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Jim Treacher