Media Subtitles Ease Pain Of Learning New Language

Charles Thompson Contributor
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According to, a new software application may help you to learn a foreign language while watching movies, TV and YouTube.

This new app, called Fleex, shows subtitles during the movie in your native language, but simultaneously shows subtitles in the language that you are tying to learn.

Every subtitle in the new, foreign language is not shown during the movie or program. Instead, the subtitles begin by being displayed at a beginner level, with a low proportion of the subtitles being displayed. They then increase in frequency as your comprehension level increases. The subtitles in your native language will also decrease as your foreign language proficiency increases.

The Fleex app converts its subtitles from a number of languages — but so far, only to English. Still, the app is “part of a move towards tech-mediated language learning.”

Although learning a new language purely through this app and movie subtitles sounds hard, it could make things easier.