Amazing New Thermostat Will Make Your Life So Much Cooler

Aldana Fourcade Contributor
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Talk about home improvement.

Honeywell’s, a thermostat producer, has created a sexy new thermostat that asks very little of you, and gives so much in return.

Their new thermostat, which will be released in August, is called Lyric. It is a very attractive, simple device. It has the sleek shape of a circle and a display big enough to allow you to change the temperature while standing at a reasonable distance from it (finally!).

But guess what, you don’t even need to stand close to it. Actually, you can even be out of your house and control the device. Not only does it show you the weather forecast, but it is ready before you are.

The device turns on by itself when it feels you approaching it, remaining off when no one is near it, reports Engadget. Now, not only do you not have that annoying random light shining throughout the entire night, but you don’t have to stumble in the middle of the night when trying to find it in the dark.

The device also connects to the Lyric app on your phone (available for iOS and Androids). You can adjust the temperature through your phone, as well as let the machine choose the desired temperature based on your current location.

Also, the device updates you on any problems or changes that need to be made.

The thermostat will sell for less than $300.

Aldana Fourcade