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Speaker John Boehner Gets Advice From The Most Logical Person Possible: Anthony Weiner

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Who better to give House Speaker John Boehner advice on how to proceed than New York Daily News columnist and ex-sexting extraordinaire Anthony Weiner of dick pic fame?

Which, of course, is precisely the story‘s charm.

Better still, how about making Weiner a sex advice columnist? Too soon since his wife, Huma Abedin‘s boss, Hillary Clinton, may be running for POTUS?

Weiner tried to empathize with the Speaker. “Now that Cantor is out of his way, Boehner must feel like the dog that chased the bus and then had to figure out what to do when he finally caught it,” he wrote.

Despite the collective wisdom that House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor‘s support of some immigration reform caused his demise, Weiner encouraged Boehner to keep pursuing it. He said this is Boehner’s moment to shine as a leader. “This is a leadership moment for the speaker,” he declared. “When his colleagues emerge from under their desks, if they see him not only unbowed but somewhat liberated, I think even the anti-immigration elements in his caucus would respect his play.”

Weiner also got weinerish and slipped in a knock on the media.

“In a news cycle that wants to find what message was sent on Tuesday night, we would be wise to look not at campaign spending totals or turnout models, but at the wide support for immigration reform among independents, Latino voters and yes, even Republicans,” he advised.