Japan Opening Luxury Nursing Home For Dogs

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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The same Japanese company that built a five-star pet hotel at Tokyo’s Narita Airport is now opening a luxury nursing home for dogs in Japan’s capital city.

For an average of $1,000 per month, dog owners can reserve their beloved pets a room in the Aeon Group’s pooch palace.

The services at the nursing home might actually be worth the steep price. Elderly canines will enjoy hourly room temperature checks and webcam sessions with their owners. The luxury home also features a playground and swimming pool.

At the moment, the nursing home is only equipped to accommodate twenty dogs, but the Aeon Group plans to expand its services.

The company’s dedication to providing royal treatment for elderly canines might seem somewhat excessive to Americans. However, in Japan, ensuring care for aging pets has become somewhat of a social priority. Last year, Japan passed a law requiring owners to look after their pets until death.

But the pet owners of the dogs at the Aeon Group’s nursing home certainly won’t face charges for animal neglect.

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Hayley Hoefer