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You’ll Never Guess Which Country Is Ticked Off At Obama Now (HINT: Almost Rhymes With ‘Bandana’)

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Grenada? Uganda? Atlanta? Barcelona? Antarctica? Don’t be silly. Some of those aren’t even countries, probably!

Nope. It’s our neighbors to the north. No, no, our other neighbors to the north.

Theophilos Argitis and Andrew Mayeda, Bloomberg:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, which has failed to persuade President Barack Obama to approve TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL, moved yesterday to turn up the heat on the U.S. administration.

Finance Minister Joe Oliver, Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird traveled to New York this week, arguing in media interviews and at an energy conference that Obama has unfairly entangled the $5.4 billion pipeline with U.S. politics.

Previous to this, the only time Canada ever turned up the heat on anything was to warm up some leftover Tim Horton’s or cook some back bacon.

Obama screws everything up and then lies about it, so any answer Canada is lucky enough to get will be false. And Canada will just sit there and smile and take it, because it’s Canada.

What’s our excuse?

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Jim Treacher