‘Allahu Akbarrrrr!’ Muslim Performs Ear-Shattering Call To Prayer During Flight [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A Muslim man on a flight from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines disturbed at least one passenger when he stood up twice during an early morning flight and began shouting a prayer.

A Reddit user was a passenger on the flight and posted a short clip of the man praying on Reddit via YouTube with the caption: “Asleep on a plane, I was woken to this guy shouting in my face.” 

He explained in the comments section of the post that he was on a seven hour flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila on UAE airline Etihad, which routinely carries a large number of Muslim passengers. So it’s not unusual to see a Muslim person praying on a flight — the screens on-board indicate at all times the direction of Mecca.

But he said in his experience the praying is usually nice and quiet. “I have no problem with people adhering to their religious beliefs,” he wrote. “But just please don’t shout in my face when I’m asleep.”


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