Are Your Favorite Soccer Players Allowed To Get It On During The World Cup?

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Due to their fitness and metrosexual attention to grooming, many soccer players are considered international sex symbols. Unfortunately for a few teams, their players aren’t allowed to use that sway with the ladies during the World Cup since their coaches won’t let them have sex.

According to the rules of the coaches, players for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile and Mexico are banned from having sex. For the Russian team, they’re not allowed to travel with wives or girlfriends, so it’s basically the same.

The U.S. team, along with the Italians, Germans, English, Australians, Dutch, Spanish, Swiss and Uruguayans, are allowed to have wives and girlfriends with them in their hotel rooms, as Quartz explains, meaning their coaches are fine with them getting down.

Some teams have bizarrely specific rules, like France, Nigeria and Brazil. French players can be intimate depending on when, how much and where. Nigerians can make love to their wives, but not their girlfriends. Brazil’s team can have sex as long as it’s not “acrobatic,” whatever that means.

So once we see who takes home the title, we may be able to figure out once and for all whether sex is good or bad for sports.

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