BOOK: The Obamas Fought, Slept In Separate Bedrooms On Martha’s Vineyard

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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President Obama and wife Michelle slept in separate bedrooms due to a marital fight during a first-term Martha’s Vineyard vacation, according to an excerpt from Ed Klein’s newly released book “Blood Feud.”

“They slept in their own bedrooms,” a Blue Heron Farm staffer told Klein for his expose on the Obamas’ relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton, released Monday. “They both had stacks of books by their beds. The president was reading The Bayou Trilogy by Daniel Woodrell and Rodin’s Debutante by Ward Just. I don’t know if they visited each other’s bedroom at night, but I didn’t see any signs of that.”

“The president ate in bed,” the staffer added. “You had to change the sheets every day. He smoked cigarettes and didn’t try to hide it at all. And he snores. I heard him. He ate a lot of junk food, chips and stuff. He loved fudge and bought it from Murdick’s Fudge. It was a wonder that he stayed so thin.”

The staffer’s testimony will only serve to fuel rumors of marital strife between the First Couple, which have been reported widely in the press since President Obama snapped a selfie with attractive blonde Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. The marital problems were on display during the couple’s vacation, according to the staffer quoted by Klein.

“The Obamas seemed like they were bickering a lot, but they whispered so you couldn’t exactly hear what it was about,” the staffer said. “But I can tell when people are pissed off at each other, and they seemed to be pissed a lot.”

“In fact,” the staffer said, “I didn’t see much warmth between the president and the first lady at all. They almost seemed to avoid each other.”

“When the president was going on about something, Michelle would put on her earphones and listen to her iPod. She tuned him out.”

“And they didn’t do much together. Michelle went out with her friends to lunch or dinner,” Klein’s source claimed, “and he stayed at home or went to the gym to play basketball or had a game of golf.”

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