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Charlie Rangel Is A Littering Slob [VIDEO]

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Is this a big deal? Nah. Is it funny? I think so. If you don’t, glad to hear it.

Charlie Rangel has been in an ugly primary fight against some guy who isn’t going to win. In what can only be a Hail Mary play before tomorrow’s election, somebody just sent this video to the NY Post “anonymously”:

Rangel’s campaign fully acknowledges that he’s too lazy to put his hand in any pocket that belongs to him. And so what?

“First they attacked the polls, then they attacked the media, now ​his campaign is attacking Congressman Rangel for dropping a gum wrapper? This has to be the most absurd attack in the history of politics. Can you say, ‘Amateur hour’?”

Sure. We can also say “thoughtless slob.”

This won’t hurt him at all tomorrow, and it doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know about him already. It’s just further proof that Charlie Rangel is a bum.

Seethe away, liberal commenters. Just remember: You clicked on this. 🙂

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Jim Treacher