Phil Robertson On Animals: ‘God Says We Can Whack ‘Em’ [VIDEO]

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson drew massive cheers from an Alabama crowd after telling them that God gave humans animals so we could eat them.

“God says we can whack ‘em and stack ‘em irregardless of all this political correct crap,” Robertson said during a Q&A at the “Rock the South” music festival Saturday in Cullman, Alabama after showing off his duck calling skills.

His favorite meal happens to be his wife Klay’s cooked squirrels and dumplings, according to Al.com.

Robertson also discussed “Duck Dynasty,” joking that he was the best duck hunter in the family.

The bearded patriarch also doubled down on his stance on homosexuality, saying, “I’m actually a nice man. … I’m trying to help those poor souls and turn them to Jesus.”

Robertson even talked about a recent encounter with Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw at LAX Airport, who took over the quarterback position at Louisiana Tech after Robertson quit the team.

“He grabbed me from behind,” Robertson said. “I said, ‘Son, you did pretty good.’ And he said, ‘You did too!'”

The Q&A wrapped up with Robertson pushing for Alabama residents to vote in the next election.

“Go vote for the House and the Senate, too. Vote this ungodly bunch out of Washington, D.C.,” Robertson said.


[h/t The Blaze]