Thad Cochran’s Daughter Rails Against New Right And … Mississippi?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Conservatives are often accused of divisiveness, but it is interesting to see how many “loyal” Republicans can’t handle a loss — or even adversity. Instead of putting on a happy face and endorsing the Republican nominee, of late, it has been moderate Republicans who seem more likely to take their ball and go home when they lose.

The most famous recent examples include Sen. Arlen Specter and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist — both of whom abandoned the GOP when things weren’t going their way.

Now comes this from the New York Times:

Mr. Cochran’s daughter, Katherine, an English professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, wrote what reads like a eulogy to a past political era last week on her Facebook page, lamenting that all her life, she has heard her father referred to as a statesman, “rather than the seedier ‘politician.'”

“I think that Mississippians are being snookered by neocon zealots on talk radio, Fox News and elsewhere. The New Right values extremism, obstructionism, partisanship and — frankly — ignorance,” she wrote. “Mississippi used to be recognized as the most backward, prejudiced, ignorant holdback in our nation, hands down. This sea change makes me very afraid that we might deserve that mantle.”

Who knows if she is speaking for Thad Cochran, or merely freelancing, but this is, nevertheless, another blow to those expecting grace under pressure. It’s a trend. And interestingly, it sounds like Cochran’s daughter isn’t just taking it out on the right-wing, but also on the state of Mississippi.

It’s always someone else’s fault.

UPDATE: So it turns out that McDaniel is being less than gracious. From KTOK:

Cochran has said in the past that he would support McDaniel, should McDaniel win the nomination on Tuesday. McDaniel was asked if he would support Cochran, if the incumbent wins.

“I’ll have to think about it, depending on what happens that evening. I’ll let you know that evening,” says McDaniel.

Aside from being unchivalrous, this might also technically make it illegal for McDaniel to even vote in the primary. There is little chance of it being enforced, but a provision in Mississippi law states that “No person shall be eligible to participate in any primary election unless he intends to support the nominations made in which he participates.”

Meanwhile, both sides have, of course, been guilty of throwing elbows. Here is a Facebook post put up by McDaniel’s team, about Conchran’s daughter. It uses the hashtag “#Who’sYaDaddy?”

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