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Why Washington D.C. Gossip STILL Sucks: Senator Wins Running Race

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Washington D.C. gossip has been embarrassingly bad for a good while now, mostly because most editors around this town (This Town) don’t have the balls to let their writers do actual gossip. No one wants to offend anyone – too much. So this is what we get: A female senator wins a 10-mile running race.

Seriously, this constitutes the gossip pages of any publication?

While New York Post gets this (James Franco flashes his butt), we have to suffer with this vanilla-infused item in The Hill this week about Sen. Amy Klobucher (D-Minn.) winning a Credit Union Cherry Blossom race sponsored, in part, by The Hill.  The cause is a good one and raised money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Fine. Write crap like this. But don’t call it gossip and stick it somewhere else.