Pizza Chain First To Deliver Pies By Drone

Julia Dent | Contributor

A pizza chain in Russia is the first restaurant to deliver by drone.

Dodo Pizza in Syktyvkar, Russia posted a video of the helicopter drones air-dropping pizzas to customers and said it was not just a publicity stunt, according to the Daily Mail. Other companies like Domino’s and Amazon have attempted delivery by drone, but this is the first actual drone drop-off, according to the company.

“We already sold six pizzas in one and a half hours using a drone, it is a real business model,” said manager Ilya Farafonov. “People didn’t want to order pizza before, but now they do.”

Dodo Pizza promises customers that they will have their pizza delivered within 30 minutes, and if the drone isn’t there within an hour, the order will be free.

The drones, complete with a GPS and cameras, were built by CopterExpress, and they can carry up 11 pounds and fly up to 24 miles per hour.

“You should see the faces of people when their pizza arrives from the sky, it’s like magic.”

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