Thanks For Mutton. Baby Goat Killed By Impatient Owner

Katie Frates Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough
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A Wisconsin man violently killed a one-month-old baby goat by smashing its head into a curb after he could not find anywhere to keep the animal at work.

The incident occurred outside Madison-Kipp’s Sun Prairie, Wis., facility on Friday night, Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Phillip R. Pardee, 24, had been bringing the goat to work for a while and usually kept it in his car, according to a manager at the facility. He accidentally locked his keys in his car on Friday and attempted to create a pen out of crates, but the goat escaped. After another employee caught the goat, Pardee was told he could not keep the animal inside. At that point, Pardee took the baby goat from the employee, lifted it above his head and slammed it into the pavement.

A criminal complaint was filed to Dane County Circuit Court, and Pardee was charged with felony animal mistreatment. He was released on signature bond following a court appearance on Tuesday. He will face up to three and a half years of combined prison and extended supervision if convicted.

Pardee told police he smashed the goat’s head on the curb, believing it to be the most humane way to kill the animal. He was aware that it was illegal, and placed the goat under his car after it died for a “proper funeral.”