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Is Anybody Really Surprised That Whoopi Goldberg Is A Racist? [VIDEO]

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Brendan Bordelon watched The View so you don’t have to.

Here’s a recent exchange between Whoopi Goldberg and guest-host Will Cain:

“That is spoken like a true white guy! And I don’t mean it in a bad way!” No, you just mean it in a way that’s intended to shut him up.

Goldberg admits she doesn’t know Cain’s background. She doesn’t need to know his background, or anything about him, because she can see the color of his skin. All people with white skin are alike. Right?

Everybody has a right to be offended, except for true white guys. Because the ancestors of a lot of true white guys did a lot of bad things. They’re not a Designated Victim Class, and therefore their opinion is meaningless.

Hey, apropos of nothing: Who makes more money, Whoopi Goldberg or Will Cain? Which one is more famous? Just wondering.

It’s exhausting, trying to think like a liberal. No wonder they’re so miserable and angry all the time.

You can disregard this, Whoopi and her fans. I’m just another true white guy. The color of my skin renders my opinion meaningless. After all, this is America.

Update: If you need further proof that it’s not racist if you say it about a white person, here you go.