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To: The Governors of The Fifty States Of The Union, Re: Gun-Free Zones That Aren’t

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Dear Governor,

Like you, I’m mortified by the psychotic atrocities being committed in one state after another. And like President Obama recently said, “Legislation is not going to pass without more grassroots-level support.”

But too many of you keep seeking small or large gun bans — and run into brick-walled opposition from the grassroots gun-owner community. Then you appear surprised, or dismayed.

You don’t seem to realize, every time you create some new type of “no-guns-at-the-lunch-counter” rule, you don’t create the safe gun-free zones you think you do, and we out here know it, so of course we resist you.

You’re creating reckless “make-believe gun-free zones,” where anyone with a gun can simply walk in. These pretend gun-free zones are exactly where the psychos go.

That’s not only dangerous, it’s as crazy as the psychopaths who use these places for their evil deeds. Tens of millions of honest people obey your rules, like lambs to a slaughter, and the slaughterers merely walk in, every time.

Just look at the record on these slaughterhouse cases, it’s right there — in make-believe gun-free zones created by your signing pens. Your pen is as mighty as the sword.

You keep us out, or sanction that — and are bewildered by how much opposition you faced in doing it! Then it does nothing about stopping wild-eyed butchers from coming in. And still you wonder why we fight you?!

So — instead of denying civil rights to solve a problem, try something different. Try encouraging civil rights.

That worked pretty well in the past — just ask the President. That’s doing something, and you’ll have tens of millions of eager supporters instead of opposition for a change.

You’ll have the support you say you want, and that you do need, more easily than you can imagine. Just work with the majority of the electorate you’re leaving out, who owns these things.

Every time you sign a bill to ban guns from some location, without putting up the money for expensive physical barriers like at an airport, that’s practically negligent, since everyone can see (thanks to the media) how dangerous these make-believe gun-free zones are.

Whenever you deny a human being’s basic civil and human rights you create a problem. Your role as an official is not to deny human rights, but to protect them.

You should pledge to never again sign a bill that diminishes the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. It’s actually part of your sacred oath of office. You need to work diligently to repeal state and local laws that restrict this constitutional guarantee all Americans have.

You should pledge to never again sign a bill

that diminishes the fundamental right

to keep and bear arms. 

The idea that only some people are allowed at the lunch counter must be abolished, and society will benefit. The innocent will benefit and the criminals will be disadvantaged. And:

You will have the robust and unbridled support of the firearms community and get somewhere, instead of being stopped cold. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change? You want to do something? Do that.

We faced the fear — some say paranoia — that carry permits first spawned, when they began sweeping the nation decades ago. But we soon learned that armed citizens don’t shoot slow waiters, or each other at stop signs. Responsible gun owners are, well, responsible.

It’s the criminals we have to watch out for, and since we know our laws don’t disarm them, of course you’ll meet fierce resistance when you work to disarm the rest of us. So stop banging your head against the wall and work with us. We’re your constituency too. Do something already.

Please don’t fall for this dangerous, reckless and negligent logic:









Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

Alan Korwin is the author of fourteen books, ten of them on gun law, and runs the website His company, Bloomfield Press, is the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country.