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Former editor in process of losing lots of weight 

This just in over the weekend from Jim Brady, former editor of Digital First Media. 

“On June 27, 2013, I decided 10,000 steps a day was my new fitness goal. Yesterday, while attending ‪#‎IRE14‬ in SF, I cracked 10k for the 365th straight day — and have lost 42 pounds in the process. Still have a bit to go on weight, but happy to have achieved that one-year goal. A few stats of interest — at least to me:

— In that one year, I have taken 4,525,804 steps, and average of 12,399 steps per day.

— In that one year, I have walked 2,155 miles. That means, if I had started in New York City, I would have ended up 20 miles east of Salt Lake City.”

WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten: The Cheerleader 

“I AM SO EXCITED MY MAN TOOBS SUBS FOR BRIAN STELTER SUNDAY MY GOD GO TOOBS. #toobs” — WaPo “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten, referring to CNN’s Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

Shitty spokesperson alert 

“It really says something when a spokesperson for a major museum is more hostile to journalism than the DoD.” — Molly Crabapple, columnist, VICE.

Think tank multimedia director gets bad case of indigestion 

“Worst brisket-related indigestion since I ran an evening 5k after a day of gorging at the home of @Frimp13.” — Caleb Brown, director of multimedia for the Cato Institute. Frimp13 is Dan Alban.

Interesting website idea?

“Thinking of starting a new website -> Subhumans of DC” — Strategist Jimmy LaSalvia, creator of GOProud.

Weekend sports anger 

“How can we lose to the fucking Cubs? Twice?” — QGA and The Hill columnist John Feehery.

Eavesdrop Café gone stressed

“The bethesda moms conversation next to me at sbux is making me stressed and I don’t even have kids much less at Stanford. #patience.”  — NPR’s Kitty Eisele.

‘Perks of pregnancy’ 

“Just bypassed 400 people in line for NYC-bound Amtrak, thanks to the lovely conductor. ‪#‎perksofpregnancy‬”  — Jess Smith, president, Burson Marsteller.

Cryptic love at the Congressional baseball game 

“I felt like you were staring at me from the front row the entire game. We locked eyes a few times and I thought I recognized you, but it was so quick, I couldn’t figure out where from. If it’s you, what was I wearing and where was. [sic] Also, who the hell are you? :)”  –Anonymous Craigslist entry in “Missed Connections.”


Journo grateful to be sober 

“Few things like walking through downtown DC between 2 and 3 a.m. Saturday morning to remind me how smart a decision it was for me to stop drinking four years ago. Seriously though, I am so full of gratitude for the fact that I will wake up sober today, just as I have done now daily for the past four years. I never would have believed it had someone told me how much this decision would change my life, but it has — and I am so grateful for it.” — BuzzFeed‘s Legal Editor Chris Geidner.