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Has Hillary Clinton Apologized Yet To The Rape Victim She Dragged Through The Mud And Laughed About?

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I realize this question doesn’t narrow things down. Specifically, I’m referring to that 12-year-old Arkansas girl in the mid-’70s, whose assailant Hillary got released with time served.

In any case, it’s a rhetorical question. Of course Hillary hasn’t apologized. In fact, she hasn’t addressed the Hillary Tapes at all. Her usual modus operandi — blaming the victim until everybody shuts up — wouldn’t work quite as well on somebody who was raped, beaten into a coma, and rendered barren at 12 years old. So she’s keeping her trap shut about it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going away.

The following clip is a few days old, but it’s new to me. As a rule, I don’t agree with a lot of what Hannity or Coulter have to say, but they’re absolutely right on this one. The media just wants this story to go away, because they can’t lie their way out of it.

This victim is on record requesting an apology from Hillary Clinton. Should she get one? If not, why not?

(Hat tip: Western Journalism)