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Alleged Right-Wing Pub Steers Clear Of ‘Traditional Conservative’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Since its inception in April, 2013, Cox Media Group’s Rare has marched to his own drummer, and not one that’s easily understood. They claimed to be red meat for conservatives. And yet…they’ve had editors who have told staff that they are not to write about abortion or gay marriage in any way that could be deemed critical. There have also been reports that staff was ordered to lay off President Obama and take more shots at Republicans. Several members of the editorial staff bolted because they experienced policies that were anything but right-leaning.

In honor of the 4th of July, the oddball publication is declaring its independence from the traditional conservative. “In celebration of the July 4 holiday, Rare declares its independence from traditional conservative websites as online visits soar to 8.5 million in June, the highest since the site launched in April 2013,” they announced in a press release today.

A source formerly acquainted with Rare explained to The Mirror that “they used to take the single best week and times it by 52 — which is a totally shady way to annualize traffic!”

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Rare Publisher Leon Levitt, who, despite email evidence to the contrary, strongly knocked any notion that reporters were banned from writing “negatively” about social issues like gay equality and gay marriage. He claimed grand success in today’s statement. “This monumental growth is being driven by the issues that matter most to Americans found only on Rare and audience engagement, indicating that Rare is more of a viral news site for the modern conservative,” he said.

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In terms of their declaration of independence from other conservative pubs out there, doesn’t Levitt mean “liberal independence” from conservative publications? When I asked, he replied, “Ah, all in the interpretation, mine says no way, this is the future for conservatives.”

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There’s more information to interpret. In January of 2014, rumors began swirling that Rare‘s Alexandria, Va. office would close. Asked about any potential move, acting editor-in-chief Will Alford shot it all down. “All untrue,” he said at the time.

Well, well, well. It’s July and take a wild guess which publication recently moved?

By the way, Rare moved its staff into the same building as The Daily Caller in downtown Washington just off K Street. Fun times ahead in the elevator, I’m sure.