David Ortiz Honestly Doesn’t Care What You Plan On Pitching [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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You’ve got to commend David Ortiz’s plate discipline. Just kidding, he doesn’t really care.

Last night during a 2-1 loss to the Chicago Cubs, Big Papi showed how much flex he’s really got by simply saying to himself, “Yeah, I’m just gonna take this base regardless of what this jabroni plans on throwing.”


Big Papi can read minds. He knew ball four was coming.

— MLB (@MLB) July 2, 2014


If you watch the video closely, you can actually see him use either mind control or ESP (unconfirmed reports) to simply will the ball where he wants it. Then, because his pimp hand just happens to have more game in it than most people, he simply struts along to first. Well played, Big Papi. Well played.

Let’s be honest, though. There’s simply no way this song wasn’t playing in his head.

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