Report: Colorado Obamacare Exchange Website Still ‘Shockingly Bad’

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Colorado’s Obamacare exchange website somehow still doesn’t function well and the main log-in function doesn’t work, according to a Colorado report. 

KUSA reporter Brandon Rittiman reports that the experience at the state-run Obamacare website is “shockingly bad.”

“The ‘sign in’ button on the home page still doesn’t work,” Rittiman reported Wednesday. “Users must go through a six-click workaround process to log back into their accounts.”

The Colorado exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, experienced some volume-related glitches during the initial Obamacare roll-out last fall, but avoided an all-out meltdown, such as those felt by or several other state websites.

Some customers reported error codes and gibberish when attempting to submit their Obamacare applications and documentation in the fall, the Denver Post reported at the time. Others received error messages asking them to return later due to excessive volume at the website.

Now that the open enrollment period has closed entirely, over nine months after the website launched, Colorado’s online exchange still isn’t up to par, according to KUSA. Navigation the website is difficult and at multiple points during the sign-up process, the website offers incomplete information to users.

Rittiman said that he was finally able to access coverage for his family through the exchange, but not from the website alone — he needed to contact an insurance agent for help making his way through the website.

Ongoing website problems may be unsurprising after state officials recently bungled another technology update while working with erstwhile contractor CGI. An anonymous whistle-blower told Denver’s Fox 31 Tuesday that CGI’s $58 million overhaul to the state’s computer accounting system is already an “epic failure.”

Documents from the top state IT office found that the project crashes repeatedly is behind schedule and has no recovery plan as of May. (RELATED: Report: Colorado’s $58 Million Computer Upgrade To Be An ‘Epic Failure’)

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