Want A Search Engine That Doesn’t Track You? Try DuckDuckGo

Kate Patrick Contributor
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In case you didn’t know, Google tracks you. Whenever you use the popular search engine, Google sends your browser and computer information to third party sites, which in turn can use the information to identify you.

Enter DuckDuckGo, “the search engine that doesn’t track you” and claims to be completely secure.

“DuckDuckGo is said to be a completely secure and private search engine,” Higher Visibility reported. “This means that the search engine doesn’t track you or collect any IP addresses, which means there is no filtering and everyone sees the same results all the time for any give search query.”

DuckDuckGo warns internet users that both Google and Bing filter search results and only show you what they think you need to know based on your search history. This is called bubble filtering. For example, if you decided you really liked Mozart but not Beethoven, and advertised that information on Facebook, Google might only show results for Mozart when you searched “classical music.”

Because it advertises web privacy, DuckDuckGo might surpass Google and Bing in popularity, especially since internet users know they can be tracked when they visit those search engines.

According to Higher Visibility, “DuckDuckGo saw a 50 percent traffic increase just 8 days after the PRISM program scandal, which showed that NSA was regularly tracking searches on major search engines like Google.”

If internet users switch to DuckDuckGo, they might be safer from the far-reaching arm of the NSA.

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