The University Of Chicago Publishes Guide On Getting An Abortion

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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The University of Chicago released a guide to students explaining how to get an abortion.

According to The College Fix, the guide — titled “Accessing Abortion in Illinois” — gives information on financial assistance, insurance coverage, local abortion providers, and even describes abortion as safe and bashes pregnancy centers as providing “false or misleading information on the effects of abortion,” citing a study by Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman.

The university’s guide even goes as far to lament the “stigma” attached to abortion, saying  that “legal restrictions reinforce the notion that abortion is morally wrong” and “anti-abortion forces have found stigma a powerful tool.”

A campus official told The College Fix that the guide is meant for health and service providers, as pregnant students can go to the health center.

However, executive member of University of Chicago Students for Life Jack Nuelle told The College Fix that the university has not provided a guide on alternatives to abortion.

Emily Zender, executive director of Illinois Right to Life, wrote that the guide “misleads women” and noted that it left out the lack of health inspections into abortion clinics, data suggesting abortion leads to higher risk of breast cancer, and numerous cases of deaths resulting from abortion complications.

According to Campus Reform, University of Chicago is the only college in the country that is known for performing abortions on-campus.