63 Kidnapped Women, Girls Escape From Boko Haram

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Sixty-three women and young girls who were abducted by terrorist group Boko Haram escaped and returned to their home village on Thursday and Friday.

Fox News reports that a vigilante leader, named Abbas Gava, confirmed that the women were able to escape when their abductors left the group in order to attack the police and military of a nearby town.

According to CNN, the women, who were taken from their village in Nigeria last month, returned to their village only to discover that it had been burnt to the ground after the invasion by Boko Haram rebels on June 18.

The Islamist terror group is believed to still have approximately 200 other abducted women from the town of Chibok, which was raided in April. After these abductions, the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls began trending in order to raise awareness of the attacks.

Boko Haram is known for frequent mass killings of Nigerians. The group opposes women receiving an education, and believes that their role is to stay at home and take care of the family.



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Jane Bartlett Pappas