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Bath Time

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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NPR Diane Rehm’s husband wanted help dying… Parkinson’s left him unable to stand, feed himself or shower. Instead, he had to resort to nine days of dehydration accompanied by low doses of morphine. See the NBC News story here.

The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful Out on July 29… We’re waiting with baited breath. Can’t be worse than last year’s list, right? See the update here.

Were Vox Media‘s Ezra Klein and HuffPost‘s Sam Stein really best for this TV segment? After all, they didn’t cover it. You decide. Read here.

Wanna know if you’re an alcoholic? BuzzFeed has a quiz. One q: “As a result of your drinking or drug use, did anything happen in the last year that you wish didn’t happen?” See here.

Glenn Beck fears helping children could hurt his professional prowess… Beware of teddy bears and soccer balls. See here.