Author: Feds Aggressive Handling Of Murrieta Protesters Fits Perfectly With Obama Policy

Scott Greer Contributor
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Murrieta, a small town in southern California, has caught the nation’s eye and has become ground zero in the fight over immigration.

Dozens of local residents have taken to the streets to protest bringing illegal immigrants to the town, becoming a lightening rod in the ongoing immigration battle. This prompted reports that the federal government was going to send agents armed with riot gear to disperse the protesters.

To journalist Cheryl Chumley, author of the recently released “Police State USA,” the federal government’s harsh measures against the protesters are perfectly in line with the established policies of the Obama administration.

“Under this administration, you have the tone set that aggressive action will be taken if average citizens, or Congress, don’t act according to this president’s will,” Chumley told The Daily Caller. “Obama brags about pushing policy with pen and cell phone when Congress won’t act according to his will.”

She compared the situation going on in Murrieta to that of the pitched battle between federal agents and private citizens at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada back in April. Chumley says both cases show that the government won’t hesitate to use force against citizens who dissent against their stated agenda.

“As we saw in Nevada [at the Bundy ranch], I don’t think this administration would hesitate to use armed agents to send a strong message,” Chumley commented.

In her opinion, the current administration is bent on bringing in more immigration to this country and is unwilling to tolerate opposition to that policy — which means this situation will likely lead to more standoffs between federal agents and protesters.

“The federal government is pretty adamant on bringing these children into America, and the protesters are just as adamant about keeping these illegals out and deporting the ones who have been brought in already,” she said. “So you’re going to see a standoff.”

She also explained that the situation in Murrieta arose because the government failed to inform the town why they were bringing these illegal immigrants to their community.

“The mayor there, Allan Long, has no idea why the federal government has chosen Murrieta as the dumping point for these illegals and he has asked repeatedly for information,” the journalist explained.”What’s happening is deafening silence — he hasn’t heard anything back from the federal government.”

Due to the protests, the people of Murrieta had managed to turn away one bus full of detained migrants and forced the government to reroute multiple buses carrying illegal immigrants to other facilities.

“But the protesters refused to go home,” Chumley said. “They’re hanging outside the border patrol facility there waiting to see if anymore buses turn up.”

“Why average Americans — not just those in Murrieta — should be concerned is that illegal immigration upsets the rule of law in America. It turns the Constitution on its end and it also creates an imbalance in America where you have people coming into the country who don’t have any historical understanding of what makes this nation great,” Chumley commented.

And this is just the tipping point, “because these immigrants are not just being brought to border towns but to small communities around the nation, I think you’re going to have a lot of resistance groups, rallies and protests popping up around the nation.”

Chumley believes that the first thing that Republicans should do in regards to this crisis is to not approve the nearly $4 billion that Obama has requested to handle the situation until the border is secure, as she says, “You shouldn’t give the money until you actually see some action.”

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