The Clown Car of Freedom And The Administration’s National Security Circus

Tony Shaffer London Center for Policy Research
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The president has been able to restore something that Barnum and Bailey abandoned back in 2006 — the three-ring circus. Every week there seems to be some new gimmick or act that is meant to entertain and distract from the reality that we face: that, by design or by incompetence, Team Obama has no clue what they are doing or trying to accomplish on the world stage – but the show must go on!

The president is able to keep the show going – with his global “big top,” there is always something to delight his base – as he and his minions poke and taunt the Republican elephants in the first ring, with his cabinet of high wire walkers who keep narrow control of the message over the top of the second ring, and the third ring the ever-present Vice President “Joseph the Great” Biden doing his dog and pony show. Oh, and did I mention the clowns?

Entering from stage left is his Clown Car of Freedom that contains an endless line up of clowns (also known as national security “experts”) to delight the global audience with a constant stream of hysterical antics. Ah, yes – Ambassador Susan Rice is quite the driver, weaving in and out and around the three rings – and that red rubber nose compliments her big red clown shoes!

Let’s look at a few of the recent acts that have come popping out of the Obama White House Clown Car of Freedom:

  • Iraq! 300 advisors to watch firsthand the destruction of the Iraqi military we trained and equipped.
  • Al Qaeda “on the run” …yeah, right – running toward Bagdad using weapons we left for the Iraqi military.
  • $5 billion international terrorism slush fund to fund more failure – if you are a fan of failure, this will help!
  • $68 billion Overseas Contingency Funds (OCO) slush fund – we are bringing the troops home, right? You’d never know it from the Pentagon’s funding request.
  • $500 million for “moderate” terrorists – so we can fund hate that will eventually be directed back on us and our allies, ensuring that we always have enemies trying to kills us.
  • Trading back five key Taliban leaders to our enemy — the World War II equivalent of returning Goering, Goebbels, Speer and Himmler to the battlefield. Plus the Bergdahl debacle; calling a man who deserted his post and actions damaged our national security posture a “hero” is truly insane.
  • Snowden’s NSA leaks and the evidence of illegal targeting of American citizens.
  • Libya instability and chaos – not “quick and kinetic” and no democracy, just lawless tribes roving the countryside under the black flag of al Qaeda.
  • Syria instability and chaos – hesitating to take decisive action, now looking to shatter what is left of social order in that nation and turn it into a Libya “success.”
  • Russia regaining lost ground and influence in the Middle East.
  • Iran developing nuclear weapons and delivery systems of same – guaranteeing that there will be greater nuclear proliferation. Once Iran (a Shia state) has them, the Sunni states of Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will acquire them next.
  • Weakened our nuclear deterrent umbrella – we have lost all credibility.
  • Murdered American Citizens without due process in an illegal act that defies the Constitution.
  • Weakened our relationship with Israel.
  • Taken two years plus to capture the first terrorist who led the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack.
  • Feckless foreign policy in the Pacific – China implementing new security zones without international approval and no pushback from the U.S.
  • Feckless foreign policy in Ukraine – Don’t think General Eisenhower would have considered using a hashtag as a valid deterrent to Russian aggression.
  • Feckless effort in Egypt – our greatest Arab ally has been harmed by endless rhetoric by a pro-Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization) Obama White House.
  • Afghanistan countdown to failure – al Qaeda is moving back in as we move out.

Wow – now this is a whole lot of clowning around!

Why does this all matter, you may ask – how does this affect you at the individual level? Here is how:

  • Taxes – The money being spent by the Pentagon is being wasted. There is no focus or strategy and these funds could be used for better purposes to help the American people.
  • Fuel and food costs – Because of the chaos, the American public is seeing (and will continue to see) an increase in fuel and food costs, adding not only to inflation, but also harming an economy that shrunk by 3 percent in the first quarter. If this continues we will see a recession – and it could be brought on by the loss of Iraq’s oil fields to ISIS rebels.
  • Terrorist threats/nuclear proliferation – The left professes a love of “countering proliferation,” but by maintaining the illusion that Iran is “isolated” and will self-limit its ability to create nuclear weapons is ensuring that competitor nations will follow their own path to having nuclear weapons, therefore making the world even more dangerous.
  • Al Qaeda — While not the greatest threat we face, it is a real one that is currently growing due to the failures of this administration. And if left unchecked we will see another 9/11-type attack.

It is time for the president to shut down the circus and get serious.

He has to clean up the mess he has made; the way to start is by firing every last clown he has now serving him, and bring in a team with real experience and understanding. Otherwise, with the three rings going strong, we will see a spectacular climax to his great show that will result in permanent damage to the American people and our national security.