Guess Who Sandra Fluke’s Biggest Donor Is?

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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Sandra Fluke, who first became known for complaining about not being able to afford birth control, is the biggest donor to her own California state senate campaign.

Fluke donated $16,287.27 to her campaign in addition to loaning $100,000, according to the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner asked Fluke’s campaign how a social justice attorney was able to come up with such a hefty loan, but did not receive a response. (RELATED: Sandra Fluke Still Wants Stuff For ‘Free’)

The paper speculates that maybe Fluke got the money from the Mutterperl family.

Fluke is married to Adam Mutterperl, who is the son of Democrat donor William Mutterperl. The Mutterperls have donated a total of $20,500 to Fluke’s campaign. (RELATED: Meet law student and feminist hero Sandra Fluke)

About 33 percent of Fluke’s campaign funds have come from family members, while her opponent Ben Allen has 15 percent of his campaign donations coming from family members.

So far, Fluke has outraised Allen by numbers as high as $443,388 to $500,000, according to the Associated Press.

The Examiner believes that Fluke’s high number of family donations shows that the campaign is trying to appear stronger than it actually is. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Takes On Sandra Fluke)

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