Megan Fox Quits Sex

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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You probably thought Brian Austin Green hit the wife lottery when he married sex symbol Megan Fox.

You were also probably wrong.

Megan Fox has quit having sex.

The 28-year-old actress has been promoting her latest role in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” this week, and has twice publicly embarrassed husband of four years Brian Austin Green by revealing that he isn’t getting any. “Whatsoever.”

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

Exhibit A from E! Online of Fox embarrassing her husband:

“Brian doesn’t get any intimacy whatsoever,” Fox told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Exhibit B:

“My [2-year-old son Noah] sleeps in bed with us, so there’s really no way,” Fox said on her Tuesday appearance on “The View.”

So not only is Brian Austin Green not having sex with his hot wife, the entire world now knows about it.

She also said that Green wants more children, though she thinks only because “he doesn’t have to do any of the work,” but she still said she isn’t opposed to it. Which means maybe someone should explain to Megan Fox how babies are made.

Fox also mentioned her strict diet, where she eats zero carbohydrates.

“No crackers, no pretzels, no chips. Nothing unhealthy.”

She compared giving up carbs to quitting smoking, which she did, cold turkey.

“I’m one of those people when I’m committed, there’s no stopping me. So, I did it and after about a week, it repulses me. Like, there’s bread over there and never again would I put that in my body.”

Which can definitively answer that Brian Austin Green will likely never have sex with his super hot wife, again. (RELATED: Megan Fox Is Making One Hell Of A Comeback)

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