River Dinosaur Missing Teeth Casually Kills And Eats A SHARK [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Tourists saw an Australian saltwater crocodile — missing a front leg and some teeth — kill and eat a shark like it was no big thing during a wildlife cruise in Australia on Monday.

Brutus is a famous 80-year-old river dinosaur residing in Australia. Cruise members saw him on the banks of his home with a shark between his jaws, reported Sky News.

“As we were going past, we noticed that there was a fin. We thought it was a barramundi (fish) or something,” one passenger Andrew Paice told Sky News. “And the guide took the boat in for a closer look and lo and behold … it was a shark.”

He said everyone on the cruise, including his 7-year-old daughter and the tour guide, was “awestruck.”

Here’s the video set to trippy background music, for your viewing pleasure.


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